Mobile Monitoring Station (MMS)

The Mobile Monitoring Station (MMS) is an innovative solution for environmental monitoring.

FIT MMS includes systems of carrier, monitoring sensors, power, data processing, and communication. The MMS is designed to carry various types of monitoring sensors and equipment in a separable carrier. The customized monitoring modules makes MMS flexible in monitoring tasks, in response to the needs of natural disaster management. The MMS mobility makes it suitable for deployment as a main part in a monitoring network, because it provides satellite communication to transmit monitoring data. The special features of MMS are long period of self-operation (up to 3 days), weather-resistant carrier, reliable communication (satellite), and system automation. The Mobile Monitoring Station is especially useful and helpful for short and long-term monitoring needs, and outstanding in terms of in-situ monitoring and data collection for disaster responses.


Basic architecture Instructions
communication method 4G LTE, VSAT communication.
power supply Gasoline Generator
Camera form PTZ
Operating environment -20°C to 70°C, 0% to 100% relative humidity
Input Detachable architecture
Current consumption 30W about 110 hours

Applied Example