Smart Portable Monitoring Unit

Because of the increasing impacts of climate change, the natural hazards of flood, landslide, and debris flow have become more common in these days. To help people be prepared for the natural disasters, FIT has researched and developed the Smart Portable Monitoring Unit.

The Smart Portable Monitoring Unit is designed to capture the environmental changes by monitoring sensors, like rain gauges, and to communicate automatically and self-operation. Its compact size and long battery capacity enable the flexibility of dispatch and deployment in a monitoring network. The Unit has a customized plug-n-play interface to connect common sensors (like rain gauges and soil moisture sensor), and an all-in-one data logger which can store and transmit data with built-in communication sets. With the Smart Portable Monitoring Unit, the on-site monitoring at different locations becomes easy and simple, which is greatly convenient to the environmental monitoring, and significantly helpful in response to the climate changes.


Observation equipment Lightweight rain gauge Soil moisture meter
Signal Conversion Rainfall signal conversion unit TDR signal conversion unit
Waterproof connector Rain gauge connector TDR connector
communication method FM wireless transmission or mobile data transmission
power supply ‧Expandable battery module ‧ Remote control of power switch ‧ Switchable to mains
Communication port USB / RJ45 / VGA

Applied Example