Mobile Monitoring Trailer

The mobile monitoring trailer is designed to have features of compact size, light weight, and mobility. The trailer equips with the CCD camera, solar panels, and batteries, and uses the mobile network to transmit the monitoring information (images or digital data) to the control center. The trailer is especially effective for short-term or temporarily monitoring tasks, like watching illegal activities in river lands. The mobile monitoring trailer is also suitable for mission-oriented dispatch and deployment at various locations, like river side areas and other sensitive locations.


Basic architecture Instructions
communication method Supports 3G, 4G LTE communications, transmission of data
power supply Automatic power switch, utility power, battery and solar power are used interchangeably
Camera form Fixed zoom lens and PTZ lens can be observed far away
Operating environment -20°C to 70°C, 0% to 100% relative humidity
Input 24V DC
Current consumption 30W about 110 hours

Applied Example